Everyone does not have the eloquence of Felipe González or Tony Blair. The businessman and enterprise managers have to train to be able to relate with the media, because this exchange is more than just a conversation. Their words are going to be titles of articles and referenced in the media in a way that will affect their enterprises and organizations.

To avoid complications and facilitating the public transmission of our story (the company or institution), there are techniques that help managers to know how to handle these situations and become true spokespeople for their companies and institutions to the media.

It's easy to learn the theory of communication. A different thing is to put it into practice. Hence the importance of the experience is that it that can only be achieved after a well-based training. Every organization, whether business, social or institutional, seeks to project his message through the media. Interviews, lectures and press conferences are the vehicles through which journalists often rely for information. If the spokesperson is trained, he becomes an amplifier of the message of the organization. What you say and how you say it will be directly proportional to the degree of conviction and the homogeneity of the speech. And this is achieved through training. Even Messi, the best player in the world, trains every day!


Acting as a spokesperson is speaking in public. Not all managers have developed their skills to effectively communicate corporate messages to both journalists as any audience at a conference. For this reason, the formation or Media Spokespersons Training is increasingly necessary in enterprises and institutions, so that any management of the various departments of the organization should not assume a position of responsibility without first learning and pass this course. With the method of BCN Content Factory, developed and implemented by working journalists, management undergoes a day or two half days of training to acquire practical skills to facilitate efficiently interact with the media as a key element to help to build the brand of your company or institution.

In BCN Content Factory we conduct training sessions in individual or small groups with professional teams. It is eminently practical sessions with reporters, seniors and juniors, in authentic real fire tests in which interviews, press conferences, etc. are included. We have several formats to successfully meet different scenarios, from the spokesperson in crisis situations to convey messages and position the company in an adverse scenario and do so with clarity, credibility and consistency; to the drills designed to play real time and circumstances in a meeting with the media. The simulations allow testing from the crisis management committee of the company, to the spokesman’s ability to successfully manage their public communication. The spokesperson training and media training is a prerequisite for getting the message that is issued to be conveyed, effectively transmitted. No noise, distortion or interference. And, although it seems obvious, it is not always easy to convey clear, concise and securely the message we are asked to transmit. This is a risk to the public story, the brand and image of the company, organization or institution. Contact us and we will work absolutely concerned on your company’s needs.


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